All about Doublets
They are created by bonding a slice of colored gem material to the back of a
cabochon shaped stone. The top consists of either a semi-transparent colored gem
or Quartz with mineral inclusions.
Once both stones have been prepared they are ground perfectly flat on a diamond disc lap.
This is critical because it enables a strong and invisible bond.
A Rutilated Quartz cabochon is cut and polished
using water cooled Diamond abrasive wheels.
Pieces of Lab Opal on the flat lap
Thin slabs are cut on the Diamond trim saw.
Pictured are lab-created Opals.
The slabs are laminated to the backs of the cabochons.  
The edges are then ground flush.
These finished doublets display the colors of opal and
highlight the mineral inclusions inside the Quartz.
Each of our handcrafted doublets have a unique character all their own.
They are sure to attract attention and admiration wherever they are worn.
Doublets are specialty stones assembled in our studio using modern lapidary equipment.
Finished stones matched and ready for assembly.